Jan Ketza American Artist
Jan Ketza         American Artist

Santa Fe / Taos New Mexico

I learned how to Paint En Plein Air in Santa Fe and Taos New Mexico. Traveling to the reagion for 10 years and studying with the best artists I could workshop with gave me a great foundation. Like Galena this area of New Mexico is inspirational filled with countless compositions to paint daily. Here is my collection of paintings I simply treasure.

A Day in O'Keeffe Country

24x36 acrylic on Canvas. 

In the Collection of Jennifer Knight Guitterez.


This significant piece is most likely my first painting I did in my "Plein Air Intuitive Painting Method." I was on a family trip showing them the wonders of New Mexico that I visited while I was learning and workshopping there. Part of the trip I did paint in Plein Air. On the grounds of Ghost Ranch I was filled with so much more than just painting what I saw, I painted what I felt also. The joy of being with my daughter and her response to all the Art in New Mexico brought so much happiness to me that when I picked up my paint brushes so much more came out... the beginning of a new method in Plein Air Painting, July 2000. 

From the Edge at the Rio Grande

18x24 Oil on Canvas

In the Collection of Mary Grant


Taos Mountain breaking through the early morning smoke from fires in Casitas. The smell of pinion lingers in the air. The sun fills the Westside of the canyon with light. The river constant with carving deeper as life rolls on. 

This time I am painting here new construction of a home is in view. Progress approaches to the Edge of the Rio Grande. 

From the Edge in Talpa 

18x24 oil on Canvas, Framed.                                Available at $995.00


Painted in Plein Air in Taos New Mexico.

Such beauty in one view with the danger of really falling off the edge here. Sometimes you make a left instead of a right and discover a magical spot to paint. This I did that day.

Pilar Church 

12x24 Oil on Canvas Framed

Available for $495.00


Painted in Pilar, New Mexico near the Visitor Center of the Rio Grande. One of favorite spots to paint for there is so many compositions to do!


The Chamista Expeirence 

18x24 Oil on Canvas, Framed. 

Available for $995.00


It was a field of Gold upon this September day at Pot Creek which is just south of Taos New Mexico. I couldn't believe this field of Chamista that blooms in glorious yellow. You can't help yourself but be filled with complete joy painting here. This is what Plein Air Painting is all about. 


Sunday Morning at Taos Ski Valley

24x36 Oil on canvas, Framed Available for $1495.00


This Valley is one of the most beautiful to paint in the Taos area. It appears from above to be like the Garden of Eden, so perfect in many ways. You can't help yourself but to get lost to discover amazing compositions at so many levels. I paint this Valley often and never get tired of it. In the back ground is the pass that leads you to Taos Mountain where the elevation rises from 7500ft. to 12,000ft. 

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