Jan Ketza American Artist
Jan Ketza         American Artist

Plein Air Galena

Painting "En Plein Air"(French meaning to paint outdoors) is the most exciting way to paint for your expierence in nature gets transposed to the canvas. The sun upon your face, the wind in your hair, sounds of birds singing all bring life to your canvas. There are times I can be painting and time passes by lost in my beautiful Art Zone resulting in works I am pleased with totally. 

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225 S. Main St.

Galena, IL



116 N. Main St.

Galena, IL 

Jan Ketza

Galena Illinois Artist


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Galena Center for the Arts

Studio 13

219 Summit St.

Galena IL 61026


Phone: +1 563-581-6225

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Jan Ketza Galena IL Artist.


Email: janketza@gmail.com

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