Jan Ketza American Artist
Jan Ketza         American Artist

The Intuitive Painting Method

The Intuitive Painting Method is a spiritual way of exploring creativity. It's all about expressing yourself through color, shape, and techniques that releases the joy in painting. I go into myself and paint what I feel and see in the canvas layers as abstract forms showing themselves. Many of my works are with the female form and nature elements. 


In my workshop classes I show you how to get into your art zone. This method I have developed has brought students from being cautious and curious to joy and happiness through the process of self discovery. Often I have students that never picked up a paint brush in their life and they have wonderful results. This is not a step by step follow along with the teacher type of class. This is fun, expressive, and filled with discovery by experimental spontaneous movements with your brush or fingertips. 


This also is a great way of waking up your forgotten skills in Art. I seem to have many frustrated artists that had a bad experience long ago from a teacher. Here your put back on track feeling the joy of painting. If this is you, come take a class with me and let's see what can happen. 



"Stargazer Goddess"

16x20, gold ornate frame, Acrylic on canvas $995.00

This Painting is dedicated to the life of an incredible woman named Theresa Larsen Young. Her spirit and love can simply transcends you. 

As I painted this I went into my thoughts and she revealed herself to me when I painted the hair wrapped in sticks in the fashion of a creative artzy bun, I knew this painting was about her.  I smiled for  knowing I captured her essence so beautifully.  

Portrait of an American Artist

 24x24 Gallery Wrapped, Acrylic on Canvas.

Painted in The Intuitive Nude Workshop. 

Self-Portrait of the Artist wearing her 

Opalite Pendant in Open Engry Pose with

the Sun Glow and Smiling Moon Symbol. 

The Tiger Lily is her family flower that grew in abundance at her childhood home near Chicago IL. 


In the collection of the Artist.

"Guardians of the Thunderbird Mound"

18x24 Acrylic on Canvas Panel, Framed


Female Energy as tree guardians watching the path to the Thunderbird Mound at Casper Bluff in Galena IL. Firey energy flows from the branches while the Mississippi River just rolls along. 



availble for $995.00



Calling of the Snow Goddess


18x18 acrylic on canvas, gallery wrapped



A spiritual piece filled with mystery and the calling of loved ones from the past. 






18x24 Acrylic on Canvas 

In the collection of Jenni Knight Guiterrez

Thunderbird of the Mississippi 

Acrylic on Canvas, 16x20 $995.00


The Thunderbird of the Mississippi perched upon a tree top overlooking the Valley into the Sun. 


Thunderbird Goddess Rising


18x24, Acrylic on Canvas

In the Collection of Marion Roberts


Rise Thunderbird Goddess show your beauty to the world.

Let the Full Moon rejoice in the pleasure of your Love for it is 


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