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Ethyl's and Carlotta's Galena IL

Made in Galena Jewelry

By Jan Ketza is now at

Ethyl's and Carlotta's

on Main St. Galena 

In the Fall of 2016 Caryn Christensen, Owner of Ethyl's and Carlotta's asked Jan Ketza to join the Creative Team with her businesses in Galena at her two very successful Main Street Shops. 


Together, working with Caryn's visionary ideas to accessorize her boutique clothing lines and Jan's creative talents in jewelry design to develop them, Ethyl's is going into a very unique look with "One of a Kind Artistan Jewelry" and innovative accessories that are "Made in Galena." 

Made in Galena Jewelry by Jan Ketza


Unique "One of a Kind Jewelry" is designed with Semi Precious Stones, Swarovski Crystals, Freshwater Pearls, Czech Art Glass from Prague, Shell, Vintage Elements and Objects of Desire. 


Please view the Gallery below to see a sample of the Jewelry at Ethyl's and Carlotta's that Jan Ketza creates for the shop. 

Beautiful Bullets by Jan Ketza


A friend of mine gave me 12 bullet casings wondering what I would do with them as Jewelry.


Loving the creative challenge, I did some research and found out that in World War I and II bullets were used and worn as a good luck charm. Often they were made into beautiful shrines with the Virgin Mary or Jesus carved out in a miniature statue put inside them. They were decorated in what ever was found. Thinking about this and the need of a creative distraction in the sadness of war, made in the Trenches in between battles for loved ones back home. 


Learning about this, I had to do my version which I call, "Beautiful Bullets."

It is good to remember the past so we don't forget our history and loved ones. Our modern day version added to the history is to wear one to represent a loved one that serves our country. The best part though is telling the story to others so it is not forgotten. 


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