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Jan Ketza         American Artist

About Jan Ketza

American Artist

Jan Ketza

Abstract Painter, Abstract Landscapes,

Plein Air Painting, Dirty Pour Technique,

Intuitive Painting,  Workshop Painting Teacher.


Has exhibited in Galeries with One Woman Shows. 


One of a Kind Jewelry Designer, Wire Crochet Jewelry, Jewelry Workshop Teacher. Published in many Beading Books and Magazines.

Born Chicago IL, February 6, 1957  Artist For Life.


Artist Statement 


Since I can remember, back as early as 8, I wanted to be an Artist, actually a Painter most of all. I painted thousands of canvases in my mind for many years. Every part of me yearns for the accomplishment to paint and support myself in the creative lifestyle that I love.


I wish with all my heart my dream comes true. For my brushstrokes, every single one of them, has the wish of my dream in them. My colors play upon the canvas with excitement and are filled with passsion the joy loving something so absolute can only deliver.


I am all in!!!!


Portrait of an American Artist


Acrylic on Canvas

Painted in The Intuitive Nude Workshop

Not for sale

In the Collection of the Artist.


Early Focus In The Arts

When I was 10, I took a First Prize at an Art Show in Lyons IL. I also sold the painting to a Doctor from New Orleans that same day. He wrote me a note that told me to keep painting, that I will be famous one day. In the note was a $100.00 bill. That day sealed my fate for life and I really never have stopped painting.

This was in 1967.


Here in this photo I am 17, in my Art Class at Morton West High School in Berwyn IL. I had an amazing Art Teacher that saw my talent and guided me. Ron Mounce placed a book of Georgia O'Keeffe in my hands from The Whittney Museum Art Show she had there. I had my Guidance Teacher telling me I had to find something else to do, for men were the Artists that made money, not women. 

I went to my Art Teacher for I was so sad and told him what happened.


Never underestimate the power of a teacher, for all I needed to know, that there was one woman that was. 


Milestone in Art and Business

In 1989 Entrepreneur Magazine featured my business, "Picasso's Creative Clothing" as "The Hot New Businesses for the "90's"


Picasso's was a Wearable Art Clothing Company that featured a Spin Art Machine. It was here I started to create Jewelry also.

 My First One Woman Art Show

In 2010 I had my first One Woman Art Show that featured my abstract paintings. It was held at The Warehouse Art Gallery in Dubuque Iowa.  


Here I am with my Mother, Valerie Sikorski. 

Mom is my biggest patron of my Art. 

What a wonderful moment she saw all this happen. The painting featured is "Tesla's Passion". 

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